Ecovacs deebot M80 Robot Vacuum Review

Want to clean your room without putting that much effort and without getting out of your bed?

Yes!! Everyone wants to clean their Homes with less effort.

And we all can feel the fear when the time of vacuuming comes.

But not everyone affords the Robotic vacuum cleaners for their homes.

Is it really true?


Because those days have gone when you can bring convenience into your life after Spending Thousands of Dollars $$.

You can get the Best Robust cleaner with multiple features that you would probably find on the high end vacuuming cleaners.

And that vacuum Cleaner Is Ecovacs Deebot M80 PRO.

Ecovacs deebot M80 Robot Vacuum Review

Ecovacs deebot M80 Review

Design and Dimension:

Ecovacs deebot M80 is of Round Shape with the height of 3.3 Inches. It has a blended color of Gray, White and Black.

The Deebot M80 Pro is for all purposes and intents. It has many features that make it outstanding, that you would also find on the high-end Robotic vacuum.

Let’s have a look on some interesting Features.

1. Cleaning Modes

Debbot is always at the default cleaning mode “Auto-clean” But it is also offering bonus cleaning modes for your convenience and to boost the user experience.

1) Intense Mode will increase the suction power by 36% and increase rotating speed.

2) Spot Mode focuses on a small area, designed for high concentrations of dust or dirt. This mode is going to clean every nook of your room.

3) Edge mode is to clean the edges & the corners of your room that are hard for you.

These modes are enough to fulfil your unique cleaning needs. All of the Modes can be set from your smartphone or from the Remote Control.

2. Cleaning Process

The best part of Ecovacs deebot M80 that is converting its users into its lover is “THE CLEANING PROCESS”. Its cleaning process can easily eliminate your mopping robot because Deebot M80 Pro certainly does a lot for you.

It does the five type of cleaning simultaneously
The side brushes wipe the dirt to the centre of the vacuum while the main brush picks up the dirt.

Then the built-in powerful motor sucks the dirt. Afterwards, the water reservoir wet the cloth pad to further clean the floor and also dying it. Vacuum makes the place shiny as it passess.

3. Advanced Safety System

Ecovacs Deebot M80 Pro uses three unique type of sensors that prevent it from falling from anywhere higher than 3.1 Inches. Instead of having just anti-drop sensors it also has the built-in sensors that Help it to avoid obstacles like walls, furniture and steel doors. These sensors do not only save the vacuum cleaner from damage but also make it more efficient to clean the room.

5. High-efficiency filter

It Even Traps the very small Particles and makes their way to the dustbin instead of letting them go and recirculating into the air. This makes it air cleaner too. This function helps people with allergies.

6. Dustbin:

Ecovacs is large enough. It accommodates 0.5 Liters of dust, so you don’t need to empty the dustbin more frequently.

Most vacuums have dustbin at their backs but to prevent accidental spillage when you empty the dustbin, ecovacs designed the dustbin at the top of vacuum, so it’s easy to clean and you will find a handle that makes it easy to carry.

7. Helix brush:

Ecovacs deebot M80 Pro has an innovative brush Roll that is designed like a Helix brush. It has a speciality of separating the fibres from the carpet and simultaneously cleaning itself by removing the string and other debris for cleaning more efficiently. It works on multiple floor types, along edges and corners.

8. Run Time:

Run Time and the Charge time of a robot vacuum’s battery is crucial to its performance. Obviously, you don’t need it to vacuum the room all day.

Ecovacs Deebot M80 Pro can last for 2 Hours (110 Minutes) and its battery takes four to five hours to charge completely.

9. Mobility:

The robot vacuum is only good when it becomes handy. Ecovacs Deebot M80 Pro can be controlled from your smartphone App that can be used

• To customize cleaning schedule
• Chose the cleaning mode
• Monitor the vacuum’s status
• To receive alerts
• To monitor Location & battery

While it is also Alexa compatible. It means you can control your Deebot M80 Pro with voice commands.
Well if don’t like to use both App and Alexa, You can use the remote control that comes with Ecovacs Deebot M80 Pro.

9. Remote control

You will get the Remote control along with Ecovacs Deebot M80 Pro

Remote control can be used

1. To start a cleaning mode
2. To Start or pause the cleaning
3. To set the cleaning schedule
4. To manually control the robot vacuum, making it go forward, backward, left and right.


• More than a vacuum cleaner, its functionality also makes it Air cleaner and wet mop.
• Dustbin at the top along the handle make it easy to clean & Carry.
• Google assistant support (only 18% of robots has this feature.
• Clean multiple floor types


• Don’t start cleaning automatically after charging itself
• Required supervision sometimes stuck into its duties.
• Less effective for High pile & thicker carpet.

Final words:

Ecovacs Deebot M80 Pro is an affordable and competitive Wi-Fi-connected robotic vacuum cleaner with the best possible features and better than expensive vacuum cleaners.
It offers almost all the functionality that the expensive robot vacuum cleaners have.

If you are looking for the Wi-Fi-connected robust vacuum cleaner with a great set of features, then you should go for Ecovacs Deebot M80 Pro.

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